Mojito (traditional cuban style) Cocktail

This (made correctly) is the the classic mojito, Add 2 tea spoons of white sugar to a hi ball, add the lime juice, get 2 fresh thick steamed spigs of mint and snap them, add them to the glass and gently push them to the bottom of the glass, DO NOT muddle or crush them. add the rum and a little soda, stir then add CUBED ice, strier again and then top with more ice and soda.

Serves: 1
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By: Bigg Puppa D
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Hello James, yes i used to manage a cuban bar which im afraid has now closed down. I am in the prosess of buying a pub so gimmi a while!But one made buy your own hand will always taste best!!
by Bigg puppa d

Anyone know where you can find one made to this receipe in London??? Either I'm going to the wrong places, or all the bar staff in this city need more training
by James

Delectable is the word, real good sipin'!
by E. Winsor

Wow what a great drink, i was in cuba not so long ago and this is bang on, the real fresh tast is really refreshing.
by Tony Blair