Top ten most viewed cocktails

Top ten most viewed cocktails

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail

Strawberry Daiquiri

4 521 votes
Perfect for sipping poolside, at a beach bar, or even in the comfort of your own home, our Strawberry Daiquiri recipe is the ultimate way to beat the heat and feel like you're on vacation, no...
Cosmopolitan Cocktail


5 1286 votes
The Cosmopolitan cocktail has become a popular choice for drinkers around the world, especially among fans of the television show "Sex and the City." This pink-hued drink has a tart and sweet flavor that is perfect...
Sex on the beach cocktail

Sex on the beach

4 1262 votes
Are you ready to have a little fun in the sun? If you're looking for a drink that embodies the carefree, tropical spirit of summer, look no further than the Sex on the Beach cocktail. This...
jungle juice cocktail

Jungle juice

3 110 votes
If you're looking for a tropical and refreshing drink that will transport you to the heart of the jungle, look no further. The Jungle Juice cocktail is a perfect blend of fruity flavors and refreshing ingredients...
sea breeze cocktail

Sea Breeze

4 268 votes
The Sea Breeze Cocktail: A Refreshing and Zesty Drink for Any Occasion Are you in search of a refreshing cocktail to sip on a warm summer evening? Look no further than the Sea Breeze Cocktail! This...
black russian cocktail

Black Russian

4 707 votes
Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your evening? Look no further than the classic Black Russian cocktail! This smooth and decadent drink combines the rich flavors of coffee and vodka for a truly indulgent...
Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

Long Island Iced Tea

5 1517 votes
Looking for a cocktail that's both strong and refreshing? Look no further than the Long Island Iced Tea! This classic mixed drink is a favorite among cocktail lovers everywhere, and for good reason. With its combination...
Margarita cocktail


4 825 votes
Are you looking for a Margarita cocktail recipe that will transport you to a tropical paradise? Look no further! This classic cocktail is the perfect balance of tart and tangy, with just the right amount of...
Mojito Cocktail


5 1181 votes
If you love a refreshing and minty drink, you might be a fan of mojito cocktails. But do you know where this popular cocktail came from and how it evolved over time? In this blog post,...
blue lagoon cocktail

Blue Lagoon

4 374 votes
If you're on the hunt for a refreshing and vibrant cocktail to add to your repertoire, look no further than the Blue Lagoon. This classic drink is a crowd-pleaser, and with its vivid blue hue and...