Mojito Cocktail

Mash the mint and sugar together. Add the (dark or light) rum and lime juice and pour over the ice.
Top up with soda water. Use a highball glass.

Serves: 1
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mojitos are amazing !! i suggest squeezing half a lime with a squeezer then put in the glass then using 2 tea spoons of CASTER sugar ! forget the lime wedges in the glass !! just not needed :D
by West ends 2nd best barman ;)

I love this drink!
by Anda

i use 1/2 of a lime cut in 6 pieces 1or2or3 teaspoon brown!! sugar(it depends on how swit we want to be) and many spearmint!! sprigs not mint i think its much beter ,i squeeze them alltogether in a long fat glass then i fill the glass with broken ice allmost till top i use yellow rum( rum like havana 3 anjo that's what we have here in greece) or white rum allmost till it covers the ice and finally i fill the glash with soda till top. Try it i think this recipe rules;)
by Mr .$.

Had the urge to create 'mojitos' this afternoon so checked the ingredients and popped out to source them!! running short on limes now. . . . . would you suggest lemon as a replacement?? a fantastic drink we both agree!
by Luke & Anna

I just simply love this drink.
by Sigvards

Just returned from a holiday in Mauritius. They serve it there as a long cocktail drink with tonic water. That is awfull!!
by andre

my fav drink. . but many style of making mojito exsist
by vimal

first tried this drink the apartment bar in belfast,gorgeous. tried it in greece and they made it with lemons,awful.
by liam from derry

Having just come back from Havana try adding one drop of angustura bitters. . . utterly superb!!!
by Mike Jones

The best mojitos are made with lots of mint in a sling glass with Santa Teresa or Bacardi oro dark rum. Also start off with muscovado sugar in the bottom of the glass and mix with gomme and the lime juice to make the perfect paste to start.
by Alex

Please don't use Sprite or 7-up. Nasty. Sugar syrup is easy to come by in the mixer section of a good liquor store. Also, make sure you use spearmint leaves, not regular mint.
by Marcy

I love this drink. Try the Mojaita version of it.
by Mose

I took cover at the very wet Vfestival last year in the barcardi tent and spent the after drinking mojito's - the barman was tasty but the drink was tastier.
by Karen

Love it: stylish, refreshing and more-ish; good if you're not so keen on the sweet and sickly cocktails.
by Max

Had this drink at the El Floridita bar in Havana Cuba (Hemmingways bar). What a superb drink. Never had one as good since but quite a few close seconds.
by John Ralph

Discovered this cocktail in Ibiza. The best white rum based drink ever!
by Bob Low

Tried this at The Barut Lara Hotel in Turkey. Absolutely hooked and are having 8 friends round Sat night to give them a try!!!!
by Tracy Fenty

go to Prince alfred pub on queensway and ask for miguel, an spanish bartender, he will make you a wonderful mojito!!! just tell him i recomended you and he'll make it a little bit more tasty. . .
by kurt

Went to Cuba on holiday this year and had my first Mojito - what a fabulous drink, it lived up to every expectation. I have yet to make one at home but will follow the recipe that they used in all bars all over Cuba
by joanie

We tried this drink in spain and loved it!We have also tried a variation of this~spiced rum, fresh mint, lime, crushed ice and ginger ale. So fresh and delightful
by danielle

as a bartender in Edinburgh i find it hard to find good Mojito's, i strongly reccomend the Hard rock cafe though, something different.
by jonnie

I drink mojitos in Edinburgh (Scotland) and find them darn nice. . . however, last night in Glasgow I had a raspberry mojito. . . and i can strongly recommend trying this if you havent already.
by Stormcaller

Tried this drink for the first time in Miami at Bayside MarketPlace. Loved it. Had a couple before boarding our cruise ship. The Mojitos aboard the ship did not compare to the ones we had at Bayside. Glad we tried them first in Miami so we really know how good they are.
by Joyce

Must say for a perfect Mojito use sugar syrup. This brings out the oil in the mint leaves which gives you that sharper edge
by Paul

2 sugar cubes, 1 white 1 brown(crush ed),50ml bacardi 8yr old,3/4 lime cut into 6 pieces,5 FRESH mint leaves finely chopped,muddle in boston add 4 big ice cubes then roll servein rocks glass with crushed ice. garnish mint sprig and lime circles. <--- Great Mojito
by Nick W

Adding soda water and serving it long transforms the best cocktail into one of the worst. For the perfect Mojito - serve short, over crushed ice, with white rum, not too much sugar and add a couple of drops of angostura bitters to the crushed ice at the top
by christophe

Mojito - white rum, sprite, lime and mint. . . . . . . better than soda water and sugar!!Personal preference anyway - I make this drink for every BBQ i have and then some lolx
by Silver

Great drink! Most demanded in bars nowadays. Wanna say sugar could be for better replaced with sugar sirop
by Dinara

Learnt about mojito in Blau Colonial Hotel Cyo Coco Cuba, where we got VERY good at drinking them! Your recipe seems to miss out one vital ingredient - ANGOSTURA bitters, Liber (the barman) always added 2 drops at the end of mixing, it changes the colour and the taste! Try it please. Floriditas bar in Havana (where the Daiquiri was 'invented' by Earnest Hemmingway) did the same, so it must be right!. Enjoy. PS where can you buy a mojito stick?
by John

Made the drink myself after a holiday inPlaya de las Americas, Tenerife, 2 weeks ago but unfortunately did not taste the same!! Probably missed the sun and san.
by Emma Louise Howells

by haider what does part means plz ?

Sir/Madam, Before giving my comments, I want to know that which type of Rum should we try! Because in Ingredient you have mentioned to use 2 part of WHITE RUM but in method you have mentioned to mix either DARK OR LIGHT RUM!! which Rum should I take??
by Anand Uplekar

I first tried this drink on my holiday in Prague recently,at the La Bodeguita Havana Club,I loved it. . . Fabulous. I will be trying to make some myself for my friends and family.
by kym

I hate rum. I love Mojito cocktails! I can't believe I waited until my last day in Cuba before I tried this drink. Not yet been able to find a bar in the UK that can do it quite as well as the Cubans though.
by Roxanne

add strawberries to the mix for the perfect summer drink only use the 3 year old havana when adding strawberries
by tom

For a true 'Cuban' style mojita you have to use Havana Club rum - but this is difficult to get in the UK so it you know anyone visiting Cuba then get them to bring some back - and it's cheap - about £3 for a litre bottle. My case was full of the stuff!
by Nancy Wheeler

Try this with Bacardi 8year old if you can find it with a dash of angosturas bitters and crushed ice, the ultimate Mojito!!!!!!
by Michael

I first tasted this cocktail whilst siiting on a beach in cuba and it is by far now my favourate cocktail. even without the sun and the sand . . TRY IT !
by Jessica

Withot a doubt the most refreshing drink in the world. Had a pitcher of it in cuba libra, upper st, london. FANTASTIC
by Michael

i liked this cocktail (mojito) its nice to drink this cocktail several times and from my experiance as a bartender . drink this cocktail and feel the air breezing beside you and remember me . . . .
by george

Strong enough to peel paint off of the walls, yet *smooth* after the first one. They do catch up on you rather quickly! I got seriously effed up on these at Bongos Cuban Cafe @ Disneyworld- drank six of them in a 2. 5-hour period. Only stopped because they ran out of white rum. ---> Dark rum in these = "Yuck!"
by Karen

the best cocktail in the world. So quintessentially latin. Shows why we westerners have no spirit. The best mojitos are at the bodeguita del medio in Havana. Tangy, syrupy and fizzy, wow!
by Nick Warring

I first drank this cocktail in a bar in Queenstown NZ in the company of 3 very good looking men. The perfect cocktail for the perfect night.
by Naomi

if you want a real mojito you have to go to the hotel nacional in cuba the best in the world estilo cubano
by james sheffield

Sun, Sea, Sitges and Mojito. I now have a garden full of mint !
by Sarah

Went out for mine and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary at Saltwater (Nottingham, UK). Tried the Mojito and loved it so much I had three. Came on today to find out how to make it!!!
by Ben

I dreamt about the name Mojito the other night and the following day researched the ingredients and bought them in. . . What a fabulous, quenching experience. I used a famous white rum and it was perfect. It's now my favourite cocktail!
by Linz

I would like to thank to staff of 'La Perla', an outstanding Teguilla bar in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London, for introducing me to this fantastic cocktail. Absolutely one of the best!
by Nicholas Finlay

C' mon. This is the best drink ever! This is such a refreshing drink. . . on a hot day, you can't go wrong with a cold mojito. TRUST ME. The mint cools your mouth down. . . it's great. I think I'm going to have one now.
by Greg