Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Stir all the ingredients together in a bar glass. Then pour into a highball glass. Then pour a dash of blue curacao over the top.

Serves: 1
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It is a green lagoon with pineapple juice and a blue lagoon with lemonade

This cocktail was invented in 1960 in the famous Harry's bar and is oficially registered as 1 msr each of vodka and blue curacao and 4 msrs lemonade which should be added to an ice filled highball glass and garnished with a lemon/cherry boat
by Steve

blue lagoon,ice in a tall glass, 1shot vodka, half shot blue curacco, half shot tropical sourz (the blue one!)topped with lemonadeclear at the top of the glass, darkening to a deep blue at the bottom
by danny

luke is right this is rong blue lagoon is with lemonade and a dash of lime instead of pineapple juice. Oh and bwt a part is a type of measurement.
by sam

what is a part?
by alex

Thats wrong. a blue lagoon is with lemonade and a dash of lime rather than pineapple juice. yours is a green lagoon lol
by luke

Got to be one of my favs, simple and great, I never get bored making them.
by Lee Perry

Original 'Blue Lagoon' recipe is:6 parts Vodka 1 part Blue Curacao 3 parts Lemon/Lime juiceIt is a bit stronger and 'shorter', but still rocks. . . Cheers
by Alex K

good ****
by John

Much better than lagoon's using lemonade or soda, been using this at the bar I work at and it is going down a storm!
by Aidy

Quite the awesome drink if made with Grey Goose!
by Hottie Ellen

This drink is a popular favourite at my favourite haunts, its great to share with friends in the summer as it has a real tropical taste to it. Be careful not to drink too much, it can give you a bit of a blue tongue after awhile!
by Joann

Perfect for a warm summer night. Tastes great in a slightly smaller glass with loads of ice.
by C Dunlop

its a fantastic drink does not taste like alcohol at all you could drink this baby all nite!
by young lady