Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

Shake all the ingredients (except cola) with cracked ice. Strain and pour into a highball glass.
Top up with cola.

Serves: 1
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O. M. G This drink is Amazing, nice to drink, and deadly!
by Eddyb

Haad this drink on holiday in south africa, best cocktail ever but really really strong so beware
by jan

Great drink, looks better if you add the cola to the glass first and layer the shaken & strained ingredients on top
by HelloDory

i had this drink on holiday!and i was completely smashed after having this drink!its nice too! just a lil strong
by milly

This is the mutts nuts. Nothing better than doing a BBQ and drinking these till the sun goes down. Awesome drink, not for the faint hearted
by Nick

this drink is nice and the perfect cocktail to make you drunk without spendin too much
by yetty

this is the perfect cocktail. I would have to dissagree with the comment about the coke on the bottom though, its great to have the right amount of coke ( like a glass coke bottle ) to give to the client to pour themselves, it is such a beautiful sight and smell as the dark encompasses the brilliant mixture below. this is the cocktail for me
by Unsavoury

Its best to fill a high-ball glass with ice, then add 2/3 cola (Not DIET) then slowly pour the mixture over the top ice cube you get an awesome black and white effect!
by Justin

why wait till your on holiday or at a party? this drink is also perfect for quiet nights in, picnics, lunchbrakes, tuesdays. . . having done some failry extensive research into the subject, (which involved sampling cocktails from thousands of bars around the world) i can confirm that when made properly this is by far the greatest cocktail ever created. No word of a lie. Some people say its too strong, these people are idiots who are probably not worth talking to.
by sally

i once drank 7 of these in about a 2-3 hour span, and gosh if you want to get drunk fast, this is the drink .
by brad

its amazing that you can mix that many spirits in a drink and have such a balanced neutral and not overimposing flavour theres not many bars that dont serve this and its easy to understand whyfor me only a black russian or white cloud come close in the cocktail world !
by redstar alexander

i will like your cocktail ANd my self never drink but i love make cocktail,
by lalanjee sharma

I lurve this drink, i have drank it since my first bar at 17, now 25 and its the only one i ever order!
by Hayley

in my opinion yu must fill mosty with lemon juice (fresh is best) and then top up with coke!
by j

very nice. . . when mape properly DO NOT put malabu in it! which most places seem to do! an ace drink and if made properly its a nice strong drink
by jonny

Very lovely cocktail indeed. . . to give it an eye catching look try adding the coke to a glass filled wit ice about half way. . . then float the white spirits over the ice to layer. garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint :) . . . perfect cocktail, from the perfect barman!
by Jits (Bar Red Square - Croydon)

first ever alcoholic drink i tasted, sheer genius
by dan

My fave cocktail, I love it I love it I love it. It has all the right ingreadents to make any hoiliday fantasic
by Lynsey Aberdeen

A hidden punch. Just the way I like it.
by Kent

This is an excellent drink, goes down very easily and makes you feel very mellow. Don't feel as if I have started my holidays until I sample my first Iced Tea
by Carole from Belfast

totaly love this drink. You should try this on a holiday in the sun. **** you will feel soooooooo fabulouse
by winnie

This is an excellent drink but one for at home as having one made on a night out is a very expensive act (althought they do a very resonable one in the Hard Rock) avoid places that for some reason put Baileys in!!! Get some exact pours get a speed rack and get blasted!
by Reithryll

this fucken drinkis the absolute ****,it will get you so messed up you wont be able to say long island. all hail the get ****** quick routine
by dmart

The person whoever made this drink basically got bored and put together a few popular drinks and mixed em to create a boring cocktail, a waste of ingredients, use them on something better.
by Daniel Veasey

Most suited for summer but works at any kind of weather!
by Djole

Got me drunk. . tastes good. . mmmmm
by Jessica

Hicupp. . . . i jus wanna sayy i luvv dish hicup drink man hicup i wers rery tastly mmm
by Vince

This is a great drink. One of those easy down, 'I feel just fine' summer quenchers. I like adding a little bourbon for a slightly smokier kick!!!
by William McLaughlan, Glasgow

Awesome and refreshing - but tastes fresher without the tequila, especially if you leave the fresh lime until last and squeeze it into the top of the completed drink!
by Jonny Boy

Great sundowner which can be topped up with Cola. Takes you on a ride, but the constant top up with cola sobers you up eventually. Not good for those on a calorie restricted diet - this is fatal! Diet Cola spoilts it!!!
by Lifeisgood