Black Russian Cocktail

Shake the vodka and kahlua. Pour over the ice. Top up with cola. Serve in a tumbler.

Serves: 1
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black russian is now a triple vodka in a pint of guiness
by prolific

the ingredients are correct. 2 shots of vodka, 1 shot of kahlua or tia maria whatever, both are coffee liqueurs. put over ice and dash with. thats it. no secret.
by tony

This is my all time favourite drink & I think it taste the best with Tia Maria not Kohla! White Russian is alsoa favourite but because it is so easy to drink I tend to get very drunk on it :o) x
by Helen Birch

Ok Vodka, Tia Maria & Coke, They are the ingredients. And its not coffee its chocolate, because the drink is otherwise known as a Chocolate Orgasm.
by Kathryn Janeway

the ingredients here are wrong. it is vodka. tia maria,coke poured over ice and topped with a dash of guinness
by damien

Am i the only one who think this drink tastes like coffee?Great drink tho!
by Flesh

best drink ever ! if i remember rightly , the ingredients were . . . . . tia maria , pepsi , the head of guiness & vodka ?
by andy

Must have a dash of Lime try it you'll be convert.
by Angela

The only drink to enjoy. . . . .
by Cherri MacD

Great - only long island tea is better - coke diffuses the flavours without weakening it - so do it with a splash of coke!
by Fred Barff

u gotta have a head of guiness for the ultimate 'irish black russian'!!
by Ali

only wimps have coke in it!!!
by DS

The original Black Russian in the 1970's used Tia Maria not Kahlua because Kahlua did not exist then.
by C S

Sorry, but a Black Russian is Vodka and Kahlua, PERIOD. Proportions vary - with a stronger tasting voda (a la Stoly), 1-to-1 tend to be about right, but lighter vodkas, 2/1 vodka/Kahlua is btter. FORGET THE COLA, this drink is already sweet enough.
by Joe in the US

over here in ireland we top it off with guinness, anybody else do this around the world?
by ladyskyline

The Big Debate: Traditional Black Russian is Kahlua and Vodka. If served in a pub, they add coke to make it go further. Tia Maria is NOT the same as Kahlua, the flavour is different - Kahlua is a stronger coffee flavour(see Notabikeranymore)Also, see White Russian
by Tom Booze

Tia maria is basically the brand name for kahlua. Like smirnoff is for vodka
by Notabikeranymore

Leave the Vodka and Kahlua and remove the splash of coke. . . . . . . . no good with coke
by J

Should be tia maria!
by Trish

Thought it was Tia Maria!
by Deb

Gorgeous, tastes extra lovely with a Guiness top, as served in my local. *yum*
by CharChar

well what can i say but if u want to get smashed in a lovely sinking way this is the one for you!
by ian haley

This is one of my favorite drinks.
by Jeff Gibbons

Black Russian is a great drink but COLA ahs NOTHING to do in it. Correct recipe is: 2/3 vodka, 1/3 Kahlua. Build into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass.
by Pete

Nice with crushed ice too. in a long glass with plenty of coke
by Caroline

It's a drink with a lot of taste that should be enjoyed slow but steady
by Petter