Jungle juice Cocktail

Place all ingredients in the blender jar - cover and whiz on medium speed until well blended. Pour in one tall, 2 medium or 3 small glasses and drink up.

Serves: 1
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I had this cocktail at a recent party, it was crazy man! I was wasted! Enjoy!
by Fuzzyflangejuice

i didn't know what everclear was but thanks to a friend i found out, here is a link, http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Everclear_%28alcohol%29drink was nice without the everclear as i couldn't find any!
by Sophie

I prefere the original, which is a south african brandy!! I found it here : http://www. oskarlewis. com/weblog/archives/784oskar
by oskar lewis

The jungle juice I know and fear is made with Everclear. No idea what this is.
by Angele