Sea Breeze Cocktail

Pour the vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice into a tall glass with the ice. Stir well. Decorate with a lime wedge.

Serves: 1
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this cocktail is very popular. but i think it is a little bit sour for me.
by marco tan

Sea Breezes are definately my new favourite cocktail! they have overtaken bay breezes!I prefer a lemon to lime wedge, but each to their own.
by lozrippner

It's a really nice Drink, verry good for hot summer days, easy to make aswell. . :)
by Burgi!

For all you 'pro's'! This is a gorgeous juicy summer drink, that should not be shoke 'cause that dilutes the taste of the juices, further more its a LONGDRINK! Never heard of shaking those!! Slainte!
by Manni

Great Cocktail, but your recipe needs some minor adjustments:Use Finlandia Cranberry vodka, and Pink Grapefruit juice. Squeeze the wedge of lime over the ice before putting ingredients in.
by Phil Renwick

Great drink. . . . try it with Bacardi instead of vodka for a latin twist. . . .
by Dave

This is a quality drink very easy to make and quite refreshing especially during those hot summer times, however your directions are wrong, I do believe u shake the vodka and grapefruit juice then layer it on top of the cranberry juice!
by Tony Dubya

Use Absolut Citron instead of normal vodka and just feel your tongue curl and ooze with the satisfied feeling of refreshment!!!!!
by Nick Warring

I enjoy this drink!Refreshing easy to make!Perfect summer drink on a hot day!
by misterkisskissbangbang

I was with Jo at the time. It's ok. Prefer B52 with a beer!!! Hangover?Incredible!
by Matthew Tidy

Had this drink round at a friends house. Now I'm not a big drinker, but this was so refreshing and not very strong that I was able to drink loads of them and just have a subtle 'vodka moment' every time I stood up, which in my book, has to be a bonus! No headache the next day either!
by Jo Stark