Key West Cooler #2 Cocktail

Using a 12oz Beverage Glass/Highball/Collins/Poco,
shake + strain/layer: Coconut Rum, Midori and
sink to the bottom of glass filled with ice.
Take shaker...Add
peach schnapps + Orange Juice.
Shake with ice - strain gently over ice in glass, as close to glass as possible, creating one green and one yellow layer...
wash shaker and mixing glass or shaker head...
Add... Vodka + Cranberry Juice
Repeat as with schnapps and OJ to create final red layer, allow pink f

Serves: 1
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By: Tim Carroll
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Brilliant looking drink!I reccomend using strawberry,lime and orange as decoration to make it look really excellent. its a shame you need to mix it up before you drink it. . .
by Jimbob

i love this drink. a b**** to make, one slight shake when pourin and it becomes a mess, but made correctly, it not only looks great, but tastes delicous.
by Chris Kitson (mixologist)