Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

Put half the ice cubes, the vodka and orange juice into a cocktail shaker. Shake well for 30 seconds, then strain into a tall glass over the remaining ice. Float the galliano over the top. Decorate with orange slices.

Serves: 1
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discovered h w 25 years ago. top of list 4 46th birthday party this sat 30th aug the most gorgeous cocktail 4 me and friends x
by jayne birmingham

I love this drink . . but i have it with gin not vodka try it, its very nice
by Katie

i love it but try it with ouzo instead of galliano. tastes so much better!!!!!
by sex on a stick

Audrey says 'HB is a super drink, anywhere, anytime, makes my day' yummy. . . .
by Audrey

Love it!
by Ane

HB is a wonderful, delicious drink, justgreat for the summer time.
by Donna Smith

Awesome seller in the summer, lovely drink and a favourite!
by steve

The most delicious cocktail you can enjoy, but dont float the galiano on the top mix equal measure of galliano and vokda, the taste blends beautifully and is exquisite.
by Anna

No i disagree i reckon it should be 7 ice cubes, i like my drinks cold people!!
by Ryan woods

Hi everybody in the worldI'm Thang from Vietnam and bartender alsoI think, HW is so cool. It makes refreshing your body.
by Thang

Try Strega liqueur instead of Galliano. The taste is even better and has a greater impact on the vodka
by Peter Veale

Absolute-ly bootiful!
by Jase

An orange lovers dream. Definately one of the yummiest cocktails out there!
by Daniel Veasey

I love HW. It taste soooooooo nice and it''s refreshing. Can''t beat the taste of galliano.
by Jan

Great drink, I remember it when it was so popular in the 70's
by toots