White Russian Cocktail

Shake the vodka and kahlua. Then pour over the ice in a tumbler. Top up with cream.

Serves: 1
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This is most ddefinitely my favourite cocktail - I make a dairy free version by shaking the Kahlua and vodka with 1/2 oz soya milk and 1/2 soya cream and sprinkle some cocoa on top. Amazing stuff.
by Barrington

Lovely drink - try half milk/half cream though - gives it a nicer taste
by Tom

Love this drink goes down FAR too easily!!
by Gillian Reilly

This is the daddy of all cocktails!!you can drink them all night and not feel sick or drunk till you get outside and the wind hits you. . . mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!DELICIOUS
by Tanya

also known as caucasian (according to the Dude)
by Boozer

this is the macdaddy of all cocktails. cool as f*!ck
by the doc

I was once asked for a White Russian and when I made it, the customer informed me in a condescending manner that a white russian was; Vodka, Tia Maria AND. . . . . Lemonade!! once i showed her the bible(UKBG Cocktail book) i explained i would be happy to make her drink and name it after her!! she drunk them all night after that!!
by Tom Booze

This is the ******* daddy of a drink - and you'll see it again the next morning!
by Mister Oz

Seen the Big Lebowski? How can the Dude be wrong? Cocktail of the highest order. Sup them outside on a hot summer's day and just sit back and wait for the nice feeling. The alcoholic equivalent of an ice-cream. . .
by Charlie Chester

If you had a hell of a lot to drink and feeling a little worse than you'd like to - this is your drink. I was feeling a little rough but then I had one or two and was up for another couple of rounds. Pretty good for the next morning too.
by Jean de Newport

This is a lovely indulgent drink which does not have a very strong alcoholic taste which makes it very more-ish
by RealityGap