whisky mac Cocktail

superb remedy for a cold- mix all together drink until you feel better-takes me about eight!

Serves: 1
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By: david wilson
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Been drinking it for years. Stones have do a red label special Ginger Wine, more spicy and really great but difficult to obtain; ourlocal Waitrose sells it.
by Micknsue

tried both 4:1 & 1:1for a cold cure 4:1 winsas chaser 1:1 winsbut 4:1 just has the edge for me
by pinkflamin

Been drinking whisky mac for years now. Originally introduced to it as 1:1. Ginger wine HAS 2B Stones (otherwise turns to lurid green. Nice try, but 4 hard-nosed (& hard-stomached), would recommend a 1:1 measure. Flows down well as chaser or quick warmer B4 staggering home from the pub in nasty weather.
by Stuart