Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

Mix tequila and orange juice in a glass, then pour in Grenadine GENTLY so that it falls to the bottom.

Serves: 1
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I made the drink by adding grenadine and a twist of lemon first. Twirled the mix at the bottom of a tall glass and then added the orange juice and lastly the alcohol. This ensured the colour was dark red at the bottom and light at the top. TRY
by sanjay

This cocktail was very popular at my cocktail party.
by Teresa Geraghty

is it pure orange an were would ya get at grenadine
by jj

i agree with Julie`s husband, i always put 2 parts of tequila + rest of ingredients and then it tases awsome. highly recommended.
by Daniel

I Absoutley Love This Drink.
by Matthew Tansley

This coctail is very nice, the genidine makes the drink, the more you add the sweeter it tastes. My husband said that more tequila should be added.
by Julie

If i make a lot of this drink hoe long will it last? i mean will it spoil? =)
by *samskie

I love this drink! my dad made it for me today and i thought i'd died and gone to heaven!
by Kai

i first discovered this cocktail in a bar in greece , its the best cocktail ever i love it soo much they used to do it in jugs at a local night club so i used to just buy two of those and drink the lot fantastic cocktails
by hazel

This is a favorite cocktail of mine and I will recomend it to anyone. It is awsomely refreshing and damn good! :-)
by Konstantin

Reminds me of my days in Tijuana!
by Dick Aldrich

Famous for god knows what reason, borin and pointless. favoured by people who dnt really know many cocktails
by Michael Craig

i love Tequila sunrise i have it all the time when i go on holiday and i go out with my friends
by emma

If you're strapped for tequila, vodka works as well, although it gives a different taste, also try just a pinch of suger for added sweetness
by Dan

fantastic drink, gotta be a tequila fan thoto ensure grenadine gets to bottom of glass, pour it down the side of the glas or a straw, makes a nice colour fade. :)
by newbie bartender

ive had this drink before but cant remember what it tastes like-enough said
by dave

First tried this drink at a resort in Goa India. This drink is the best cocktail I have tasted in years.
by Rahul

Just Love this drink! Sweet and hits the spot after a hard days work.
by Maria

This is a Blinder of a drink for them summer nights! Have one. . . . :)
by Austin`