Squashed Frog #2 Cocktail

Fill the shot glass 3/4 full with Advocaat then add the Creme de Menthe and then the Grenadine, so that the shot glass in full.

Down the drink in one you will find it is surprsingly sweet.

If you look at the shot before you drink, it looks similar to what a frog would look like after it has been squashed, not that i have ever done it.

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Definately agree with the above. it's midori not creme de menthe!
by David

I work in a bar and this shot is particularly tricky. Make sure the Advocaat is not the cheap version otherwise is will not form a layer for the grenadine to go through. LOVELY TO DRINK THOUGH
by KirstyD

A drop of rasberry cordial is a nice touch ;)
by Pete

This is not the real squashed frog!It shold have Midori instead of creme de menthe!The melon makes the drink!=D
by Abby

You need to put the midori in first
by Geoff