Squashed Frog Cocktail

Simply pour the three ingredients over each other giving the triple layered effect!

Serves: 1
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Just happened to visit ur site & saw shooters - squashed frogs! :) one of my faves :) proper recipes aside, all that matters is that it looks like one - green skin on top, then the blood & then the pus! :oD (taste fab btw :)). Cheers :) Enjoy :)
by Jinty

This isn't the proper recipe for a squashed frog, it is 15ml Midori, 10ml advokat and 10ml baileys with 2 dashes of grenadine in the top.
by Alanna

I'm a bar maid and we make ours here in Perth with 1part Baileys 1 part melon liquor/midori 1part advocaat and a drop of grenadine. its supposedly really good too but i haven't personally tasted it.
by ness

By far my favourite shooter. Been drinking it every night out for a month and only found out the name last night, had to ask for 'the green one that looks like someone's jizzed in it' lol.
by Jordan

love this shot, a friend introduced it to me for the first time on halloween and it started off a bloody good night!
by Beth

I had this drink for the first time last night and thoroughly enjoyed it,though our bar man used Baileys on top. Still the most gorgeous shooter i have drunk. 10/10
by Karen

by Sue

Definately my fav layered shot. . .
by Vic

this is well nice, we serve it at rbs, called a delightful though
by Nick

almost as good as sex!
by karen mansfield notts

We serve them with only a few drops of grenadine and baileys. We don't float the advocaat either god otherwise you wouldn't have the guts of the frog anywhere haha. . . Nice shooter, especially for the girls, maybe too sweet for the guys.
by Taran Richmond

Lovely drink! Looks pretty too, but a bit mild. Try replacing the Midori® melon liqueur with Black Aftershock for a "Squashed Pigeon!"Doesn't taste quite as good, but who cares when it gets you wrecked quicker and cheaper!
by Peter Lar

My uni mates and I used to start off with these in The Ship in Preston. . . excellent drink, excellent times!
by Gemma, Sheffield

Quality drink found it in a pub now the pubs my local!!
by Tatty B'Ham

A great shot that you could drink loads of as they taste so awesome.
by Sara, Australia

Probably the best shooter ever! Tastes fantastic. TRY IT !!!!!
by Chris, Essex