Daiquiri Cocktail

Put the cracked ice into a cocktail glass. Pour the juice of 2 limes, sugar syrup and rum over the ice. Shake thoroughly and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

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addition of cointreau will give a nice taste to daiquiri.
by shailesh

Yummy. . . Strawberry Daquiri's. . .
by Kim

Add Sweet and Sour instead of Sugar Syrup
by J

I love daiquiri's. but for some reason in this country they miss out the maraschino liqueur. I went to Cuba and visited the La Floridita in Havana (where ernest hemmingway used to partake of his daiquiri's) and the recipe is totally totally different, so is the taste. Our favourite pastime was finding all sorts of fruits and taking them to the bar where the barman would make up, fresh fantastic daiquiri's - The Best!