Banana strawberry shake daquiri-type Cocktail

Blend all together in a blender until smooth.

Serves: 1
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I recomend that you put a small pot of strawberry yoghurt or ice cream instead of the apple juice. <TRY IT>
by laynie lee

i put whisky in it
by anon

my coctail is same as this coctail. . . . but i dun want to put apple juice in cocktail. . . . i pour a little amount 7 up in this cocktail. my fd and relatives told that is a great juice!!!i really recommend this 4strawberry,less than 1/2banana,should be cut into pieces,after put 4 ice cubes,and then blend it with blender,and u can use red wine globet,after u pour a little amount of 7up in the globet. and then stir it. it is done. i think my coctail is better than this cocktail~
by panny