White Cloud Cocktail

Put all ingredients in a shaker with some ice and mix.

Serves: 1
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By: vicki collins
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Tried it first time at Bar Hamburg (do go there when in Hamburg), but I think it had coconut in it - not creme de cacao, something which my local liquor store also had never heard of. Bought coconut syrup instead.
by Whitecloudtastesgood

It amazing just how few places actully do this, it sounds unusual pinapple juice? vodka? choclate liqueure? on paper it sounds questionable but this is easily one of the best cocktails ive tried, its up there with long island iced tea, i strongly recomend you try this drink!
by Redstar Alexander

yum yum yum. First had this cocktail whilst in Germany and is just as good recreated in your own home!
by poshtart