Fat frog in a jug Cocktail

Get a jug and empty into it...
2 bottles of smirnoff ice,
2 bottles of wkd blue and 1 bottle of bacardi breezer orange. stir and enjoy, serves...well depends how greedy you are hehehe!

Serves: 1
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By: kat stockford
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Ingredients . . . ice? yeah, right. Can someone not edit these things please???
by Sammi Miller

hey this is a fab cocktail - came from ireland and tastes like fat frog ice lollies - we used to make em in the pub but what we did was get two pint glasses half ill with ice and split 1 smirnoff ice 1 bacardi orange and 1 wkd blue between the two
by naomi dunne

yummy this cocktail is a must try
by willywonka38