Sour mix Cocktail

Add all ingredients to a blender or large jar and blend or shake. Refreigerate no more than 7 to 10 days. Blend or shake before use.

Serves: 1
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Alex is right - this is not a drink. It is an ingrediant. . . . . . for example an amarretto sour has a measure of amaretto, then the glass is topped up with sours mix. then a splash of grenadine is added over the back of an upturned tea spoon so that it disperses through the drink, then to top it off you add a marishino cherry on a tooth pick. . . wallah. . . . an amaretto sour!!
by Carolyn

Your not meant to drink Sour mIx its an ingredient in several cocktails.
by Alex

it nearly made me through up
by slik