Rum and tonic Cocktail

Fill glass with ice. Add rum. Fill with tonic water. Stir.

Serves: 1
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Tried it for my first time in the past few minutes. I wouldn't know how to PERFECTLY describe this drink but here it is in my words (flavours, tastes and phrases that come to mind):Strong taste (1:1 mix)Similar to brown car but with Rum (Brown cow is tia maria and milk which is similar to milkshake or a very chocolatey coffee)Burns through slightlyRefreshingSpicy gin Adding lemon or lime and ice would probably be pleasent but I have neither.
by Ryan

I will be making Rum and Tonic after I've finished my gin and tonic. I'll make another comment saying how good it is. I didn't even know Rum and Tonic was a drink. I just ran out of Gin and excess tonic. Anyway, we all know it can't be as bad as Grappa and Tonic. I'll post in a couple of hours what Rum and Tonic is like.
by Ryan