Pisco Sour Cocktail

First, you need Peruvian Pisco (Peruvian made brandy). You need 3 parts of Pisco with 1 part Lime juice and 1 part Sugar syrup. You put these ingredients together with an egg white and 4 ice cubes into a blender and serve in old fashion type glass. Pour 3 drops of Angostura bitter.

Serves: 1
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By: Mariano Ramos
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Love it. I was in holiday couple of weeks ago in Peru and when i tried it, i just loved it. Shame i can't buy Pisco from Peru here. Miss the flavor and the good that combine with food. Just like it a lot!
by Greg

In Peru we have three different varieties of Pisco: Italia, Acholado and Puro. Try the Pisco Sour with Acholado, personally my favorite. Our Pisco, by now it's obvious I'm peruvian, may be more expensive, but it's also better. Never tried Chilean 'aguardiente'. Maybe it's good, maybe not, but there's only one Pisco. Enjoy it.
by Marco

I first came across this drink in Chile many moons ago. I have two vintage bottles of Pisco and this summer I am going to try one or two again. This is the only drink I will go out of my way to try. Happy days. Once tried never forgotten.
by Mike

This drink is one of my favorities,!and it's very good!it makes you excited. there's nothing better than a peruvian Pisco!
by Stephanie

This drink is GREAT! Although Peruvian Pisco is the best (I have a few bottles of vintage Ocucaje that I bought at the vineyard near Ica), you can also make it with (cheaper) Chilean pisco. Personally, I put in 3 parts Pisco, 2 parts Lime juice, and 1 part sugar. I like it a little more 'sour' than most. . .
by Ramon