Pink Gin Cocktail

Pour the gin over the ice into a tumbler then add the water, then the bitters.

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I do not care what is the correct recipe but i am going to try it with soda and ice as i am now allergic to sodium benzoate so cannot have my usual gin & tonic.
by Jenny

A Pink Gin made with soda is known as a Pink Gin Fizz, both are made with ice
by Iain

Pink Gin is always made at room temp. never with Ice and never with Soda water. Otherwise its a 'Pink Gin and Tonic' which is a totally different drink!
by Alexander

I didn't think it had soda in it? We Brits always have it without - but might be wrong.
by Laura Price

take a tumbler of ice, add 4 drops of angostura, swirl around, add 50ml of gin, & top up with soda. Thats how to make a pink Gin. not at bloody room temp.
by john

Pink gin should NEVER have ice, it should be at room temperature!
by greytop