Philipino Kiss Cocktail

1) In a Highball glass combine Vodka, Baileys and Midori (If made for multiple people a cocktail shaker may be used, then poured into glasses).

2)Slowly add lemonade to the glass and stir to remove froth. Add ice if desired

Serves: 1
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By: B G
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WOW! Would you expect a drink with these ingredients to resemble a Thick Choc Shake? No of course not, but that's exactly what happens when you add the lemondade! A thick, chewy layer sits atop the drink - which is extremely refreshing and totally toxic! Watch out - this one really sneaks up on you!!! 10 out of 10
by Daz Casson

MMMMmmmmMMMMmmmmMMMMLove It, but i'd leave the froth in, it tastes nice. Don't be fooled by its colour, it tastes just like honeydew. Sweeeeeet!
by Georgie Girl