Passion fruit and vanilla mojito Cocktail

Add split vanilla pods and add to sugar syrup, leave for a few days, or use vanilla syrup. shake all ingredients and strain into ice filled hi-ball glass. Top with soda and garnish with passion fruit pulp. Serve.

Serves: 1
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By: david boyd
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Well Jen, yes you are right but i this is not your ordinary mojito!! For full insturctions for a classic please see mojito traditional cuban style. Hic
by Dave

I have to say it sounds great. . but thats NOT how you prepare a mojito. first in a high ball glass you add two lime wedges then you add 10-12 mint leaves (in this case add the passion fruit pulp) and two teaspoons of sugar (for this drink you dont need it because you will be using syrup). with a moulder you grind the ingredients together. (at this point you add the syrup if using) add ice, rum, and shake ingredients. top with a splash of soda water. THERE YOU HAVE A TRUE MOJITO.
by Jennifer