Muddy Water Cocktail

Put 2 or 3 ice cubes in a high ball glass, then half fill with orange juice and top up with the coke - tastes better if both coke and orange juice are really cold !

Serves: 1
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By: Richard Terry
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I say this drink rocks nd i call it muddy puddle it sounds lot better cos it dnt hav water init but hey it ROCKS
by Z.G

this drink made me want to puke!
by H

This has been my favorite drink for a long time. It smells and tastes a little like vomit, but it's actually really smooth and quite refreshing on a hot summer day.
by kneegloc

One of my favourite summer drinks. Looks vile, tastes great!
by TN

Jack - trust me, just try it . . . it looks exactly like the description, but tastes really good !
by Richard

With all due respect, you're kidding, right?
by Jack