Maskey Cocktail

Take cinnamon sticks clove & muddle them & put them in a glass pour kahlua ,jack daniels and cointreau ,then lit the drink with fire take a pinch of cinnamon sugar & sprinkle it on the top of the flaming cocktail , pour vanilla ice cream ,baileys & apinch of cinnamon sugar in a blender & blend until it becomes a creamy texture then then gently pour it at the top of the flame (remember the ice cream should floate at the top then garnis with choclate syrup .enjoy it

Serves: 1
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By: Anish Maskey
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wow it must be great. iam so proud of u . keep it up baby . love u
by anju shrestha

Great Anish bro. Ur great in making this cocktail. Keep it up mike.
by Biken