Lethal Winton-le-dale the 3rd Cocktail

Ideally it serves one. Add the alcoholic contents first, a shot of each and then top it up with coke, but make sure that the amount of coke goes just over the amount of alcoholic drinks already in the glass, ideally 4 parts alcohol and 5 parts coke. It does sound a bit of a mess of drinks, but when put together right it's surprisingly good, the southern comfort makes it mellow, the schnapps and rum give it a sweet taste and the vodka gives it a bit of a kick. Give it a go!

Serves: 1
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By: Iain Croall
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I love this drink! I'm a big fan of alcohol in general. . but my favourite is definitely this cocktail. The infusion of peach schnapps makes it taste pleasantly sweet, and the combination of all the alcohol works surprisingly well. I'd definitely give this drink 3 thumbs up! (One's called Claudia. )
by Zanny Carter