Jam Donut Cocktail

Firstly coat the rim of the shot glass with your sugar.

Fill half of your shot glass with Chambord.

Get teaspoon and layer double cream on top of the chambord.

There you go. A simple shot which goes down a treat and tastes exactly like a jam donut.

Serves: 1
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By: Chris Wood
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its not a mistake!! baileys takes away the fact that its supposed to taste like a jam donut. you should be able to taste the chambord properlyif you was manager of a bar you would realise that double cream costs a lot less than baileys as well, and can make **** loads of my shot.
by Bottle Juggler

Just to point out a common mistake with this shot. It's Chambord with Baileys layered on top. Another nice way of doing it is crystalising some sugar on the top of the baileys aswell as rimming the glass.
by G I Joe