Jelly Bean Cocktail

Pour the ouzo, grenadine and curacao over the ice. Top up with the lemonade.

Serves: 1
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Loved the recipe,. . . i nrver bothered with the ice cubes or lime wedge , . . poured it all into a cauldron with extra vodka, . . . was a great drink at my halloween party, . colour looked great too, . a nice deep purple!
by ccsupergirl

Made this at a cocktail party recently. subsituted the blue Curacao for triple sec. Tastes like liquorice and just as nice! one of the best drinks of the night!
by YTC

A heavy, sweet drink, but overall, enjoyable and highly pleasing. Substitute a regular triple sec for the Curacao, if you want a better-looking colour (red, as opposed to the thick purple).
by Highball