Hairy Harry Cocktail

Five Ice cubes in a chilled Martini Glass. Add the Vodka and add the Angostura Bitters. Squeeze in juice of the lemon and top up to three quarters of the glass with Martini Rosso. Gently stir the contents and add a Maraschino Cherry(optional)

Serves: 1
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By: Harold Lawson
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Interesting cocktail. . . Perhaps a little more spirit would do no harm. Otherwise really nice
by John Player

I have just made myself this wonderful cocktail. . . 1st time !!! I added 50% more Vodka and it is now a 'Super' cocktail. Well done inventor. . . Have you any more gems?
by Haddi Armstrong

Lovely cocktail. Could do with double the ammount of Vodka though for a bit more 'Bite'
by Ray DeSanto

Wonderful cocktail from Hairy Harold Lawson, Fresh flavours, very drinkable comes from years of experimentation.
by Rene Newman