God en Partners Cocktail

Pour one part Red Vodka (Ursus Red) and one part Red Label Whisky in a lowball glass. Stir (officially with the back side of a pencil). Add ice.

Originally the cocktail was meant to fill up a tankard, but the modern "light" version is re-introduced to be a little more sociable drink.

Serves: 1
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By: jelk kruk
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it'good by name but good for those are habitual drinker iwill given 5/3
by jogind.chandigarh

its nothing gr8 to make it any recommendation because the recipe is not gr8 as bloody mary,or any vodka base cocktail,so i ll give it 5 /3
by dinesh,kempinski,goa

i would rate this a 2 maybe 3 yes its simple but maybe too simple in my 40 years experience i have found this much too often, and tend to move towards drinks with a little more thought and flavour, nice but definatelt not a top ten
by dale de grofff

id rate this a 2 but we did use normal voddy and jd lol
by leeroy brown

Wow, a way to water down whisky for girly men who can't just drink it straight, but still want to get ****** up. Great.
by Real Man

Excellent drink - surprisingly simple recipe - aren't all great things very simple by heart?
by Hans Beunderman

This is our very favourite drink every Saturday! Truly a men's cocktail. No dilution on the alcohol, not too sweet and a strong but great taste. Surely one to take care of!
by Gary McEwan

This is a Divine Drink, a Great Symbiosis! The red wodka makes the whisky softer and adds the sweetness one might expect from a cocktail, while the crispy wodka finish remains intact. God en Partners: a well balanced, powerful yet comfortable drink, one to enjoy with respect. Mooie dingen!
by Job Beerthuizen