Flaming lamborgini Cocktail

In a coctail glass, mix Kalhua, Amaretto, and Vodka. Float the Chartreusse. In a liqueur glass, put the Blue Curaco and float the Milk. Light the cocktail glass and drink quickly through a straw. When it's almost gone, pour the Blue Curaco and milk into the Cocktail glass and suck until all gone.

Serves: 1
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my favourite variation, put 1 shot kahlua in a martini glass and float 1 shot of whit sambuca on top, put a dash of absinthe in a bar spoon and set it on fire, place the absinthe in the martini glass setting the drink alight whilst it is being drunk through a straw, whilst that is happening pour in 1 shot blue curacao 1 shot galliano and 1 shot of baileys. truely lethal
by toby

Absolutely love this cocktail. Its so theatrical as well as it really hitting ya! Great!
by Leslie-Anne

not drunk this personally but my husband has apparently you can only drink 2 before you fall flat on your face, him being the nutter he is did 3 and was still standing ( just )
by tanya