Flaming IrishMan Cocktail

Put the Tia Maria in first, then float the baileys on top using the back of a spoon then do the same with the Sambuca on top of the Baileys, then light the Sambuca and shoot the drink while its still alight.

Serves: 1
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By: Matthew Jennings
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GO GREEN! We use PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS, BAILEY'S & BACARDI 151. Line up the Shot Glasses. . . FILL ea 1/4 Full with SCHNAPPS, ADD Bailey's, to(just below)the rim, FLOAT a tsp. of 151,on top. TURNOUT THE LIGHTS. TOUCH A match/lighter FLAME TO EACH SHOT GLASS. . . 'Flaming Irishmen'! EVERYBODY PICK ONE UP! Make a Toast! BlOW IT OUT! SHOOT IT DOWN! YUMM! Tastes Like Candy!(Did You Burn Your Lips?)Yes? No? DO IT ALL AGAIN! Flamin Fun For All! ENJOY!Happy St. Pat's!
by ronzzone