'Distinctly Minty' Cocktail

Add all spirit ingredients into a Boston Shaker with Mint and Muddle with crushed ice . Pour over a tall glass filled with cubed ice . Top up with Appletize and finish with garnish of lemon rind and lime wedge on rim of glass.

Serves: 1
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By: danny smyth
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Good to see you both on your anniversary return to the hotel.
by Danny [email protected]

I appreciate danny for teaching his staff perfectly, his own created drink, as the the cute indian guy in the bar was so perfect with the drink that all the minty i consumed in wedding were tasting the same without any fault in it. keep it up danny.
by pauline

I know i could be considered as biased. I found it a very refreshing and enjoyable drink, so much so that oi recall that i consumed a considerable amount of them during the evening. I also met Danny and it was good to chat with him
by Father of the groom

This cocktail was designed by myself for Hannah and Gareth Minty for their wedding day ! Good luck and congratulations !!Best wishes and see you on your day!Danny
by Danny Smyth