Dartmouth Green Cocktail

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix. Or, simply pour ingredients over ice in a glass.

The actual amounts don't matter, just as long as you maintain that ratio, or something like it. ie, 2 parts midori,

2 parts malibu, 1 part vodka, etc, etc...

Serves: 1
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By: Ben Noland
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I stumbled upon this drink by accident. It's a yummy way to change up that summer routine. I've started to drink Dartmouth Greens once in a while next to the pool. It's frozen and smooth. You should try it cause it gets me past the sunny sultry summer.
by Rosita Zadelo

At first I didn't think drinking something green was all that appetizing, but one sip changed my mind. Now we know what they drink the in the Ivy League.
by Erin Parmasetto

I just saw this drink. I am an alum of Dartmouth College. This drink is strooooooong! But that's the way we like it at Dartmouth. Way to go, Ben!
by Robinson Humphrey