Chinese Green Dragon Cocktail

This a frozen cocktail.First you get 12 ounce Rock glass, fill it with ice then add a shot of Malibu, then a shot of Midori along with 1/2 a shot of Creme de Banana, slam the contents into a Blender along with 1/2 scoop of ice, blend then our into your Rock glass and top with a handful of Pineapple Chunks and your fresh Pineaple Juice, stir, then slam a shaker on (to distribute the chunks evenly)
Pour back into your glass, serve with straws and stirrer.
one GREEN DRAGON(Chinese Style)

Serves: 1
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By: James Lockwood
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much like Orange Reefs, CGDragon is quite obviously a chicks drink, but it tastes damn fine.
by Jamesey