Canadian ceasar Cocktail

Salt the rim of a glass with ice, then add vodka and juice. Garnish with a stick of celery., Submitted by RusteeP via America Online

Serves: 1
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The recipe given by yukon scott is the correct way to make a caesar.
by Amber

This is not quite the right recipe to make a proper Caesar! Here is the real way: * Wet a tall glass rim on the outside with lemon juice; dip glass rim into celery salt [it will stick to the rim]. * Add ice cubes, pour in a dash of Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce; add salt and pepper. * Pour in vodka and clamato juice. * Garnish with a slice of lime; add celery stalk. Sooooo goood! Add a couple more drops of tobasco to make it nice and spicy!
by Yukon Scott