Black samurai Cocktail

Add the one oz. of Sake to a shot glass, followed by the 1/2 oz. of Soy Sauce...Let settle for 30sec...

Serves: 1
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Sake is not alcohol free!
by RC

I'm really not sure how this would fare with a different alcohol. Certainly a distilled liquor would be stronger against the soy sauce. I would recommend a much higher ratio of liquor to soy sauce, as well. What I noticed is that the sake somewhat brings out the fish flavor of the soy sauce. It would probably be much better with a bit less soy sauce.
by Benjamin

Umm. . . i thought these were supposed to be non-alcoholic =S. . . last time i remember drinking saki it made me fall over. . ALOT!
by Helen Thomas

I hope you like soy sauce. It tastes just like it. I love 'em. I prefer vodka for them over sake. Definitely an acquired taste.
by Jubal

not very nice
by ali