Best EVER Cosmo Cocktail

Chill a Martini / cocktail glass by putting in cubes of ice and topping up with water while you prepare the ingredients.
Put 50 ml vodka and 25 ml of Cointreau into a cocktail shaker with ice, top up with cranberry juice. Empty the water and ice from the glass, Rub the wedge of lime around the inner and rim. Shake, shake some more, strain and serve immediately. YUM!!

Serves: 1
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By: Serena Jenkins
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a cosmo is supposed to be a pink drink Cheryl Cook one more credible claims for originator made it basically as a kamikaze with just a dash of cranberry to make it 'oh so pretty in pink' Your recipe is closer to a badly made long beach iced tea i'm afraid. Visit /www. ardentspirits. com/ardentspirits/Newsletter/vol7Issue06. html#cosmo for a fuller history.
by kris tgi