Angus-len Cocktail

Measurements don't need to be exact just fill a blender and mix it all up no order needed.should taste like summer fruits with a kick! enjoy!!

Serves: 4
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By: angela Hall
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i was just looking through the list of cocktails and the name of this one intreged me! i made a blender full for myself and my girlfriend we loved it the summer fruits taste is just what we wanted on a hot afternoon. if you blend the ice in with the ingredients it makes a good slush puppy version! cheers
by wayne cotton

This cocktail is georgous! the summer fruits kick is just what you need over the summer during a bbq or garden party! i would definately recommend it to anyone! thankyou ange your a genious!!
by helen healey

Mmm, I like the recipe for easy preparation and no nonsense pouring, exciting ingredients and all round fruitiness say eg. for a summer house party. Not sure it's name does it any favours though. Folks might think there's Angustura bitters involved and using that makes some nervous and might be a put off. What's in the name anyway Angela? Can you reveal?Or maybe you could suggest an alternative name in keeping with its original inspiration. . . ?
by Mhairi Lynch