You my boy Blue! Cocktail

Combine rum and coconut syrup in a shaker with ice, shake thoroughly then strain away the ice, pour into a glass (optional with or without ice)then stir in the blue curacao.
Serve cold

Serves: 2
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By: James Taylor
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'You My Boy Blue' is ferosciously powerful, sinfully delectable, and downright perfect in every way. No other drink comes close to its rich taste, vigor, or puissance. The unique blend its ingredients create is blatantly unblemished, and anyone who has ever tasted it will tell you no different. It is truly the drink of the gods, and perfect for any occasion.
by Cody Webb

This drink will knock you out before you know it! You will be messed up for hours to come.
by Jacob Angle

I've had this drink on several occasions and it amazes me each time i drink it. The overall flavor is flawless. The mixture of the spiced rum, blue curacao, and the coconut syrup offset each other just enough to give it a lovely, lively, and invigorating taste. I highly recommend this excellent drink.
by Travis Prillaman