Virgin pina colada Cocktail

Pour all ingredients into a Blender. Blend well at High speed. Pour drink into a Collins glass and garnish with a Pineapple sliceMaraschino Cherry.

Serves: 1
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its realy good
by amit&akki

amazing simply amazing. i could drink this all the time:)
by valliie

i love this drink its amazing
by Becky

this is the most amazing drink i ever had!!!!!mmmmmm
by atika

omg dis is da best drinkive eva hadi waqs out wid m8s in a mexican restruant n we ordered a strawberry daceri[dno hw 2 spell it lol]n a pineapple cocktail thingneva thort id av a cocktail dat tasted beta dan dat 1! guess i was wrong lol its so nice n creamy! even if u dont like creamy things itz gorgus [x. ull neva no until u try it. x]
by lizi

This is the best drink i have ever had. ordered one at a restaurant but wasnt as good. i cant get enough!!!
by Haz

me n my frend are looking 4 some non-alcoholic drinks 4 our party, so we thought we'd try out this one, n omg its soooooo amazing! we r so gunna have it :)
by hanz

sweeet . . i was in mexico and all i had was virgin pina coladas. . and chi chis. . but i miss them sooo much and yahoo i found it:):):):):):):):D:D:D:D:D:D im so happy now . . lol. . . i was drinking them for two weeeks straight and now i can drink them for th erest of my life. . lol. . . ummm yah theyare way better than alchoholic though. . . . lol. . well that s all
by deanna

As I'm only young this drink is brilliant for me and it tastes fantastic.
by Bradderz

to young to drink. . . officially but i love the virgin pina colada
by Slice Of Trisha Pie

"I am to young to drink, so this is great for me. "
by chick

Thanks, this is one of the best drinks i've ever had!
by Mike