Virgin martini Cocktail

Place olive in martini glass. Enjoy

Serves: 1
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Probably wrote this after drinking not so virgin Marinis didnt you?
by Prometheus

'hhmmmm. . . . . ' nice. . . . . . ^_^!
by ^_^V

your a clever person. . . . . . . . . . . . not!! thats stupid but i see where you get it
by thats not funny

dont Be a prat!!
by Nuccola

you could add some water too, that's what i do
by Beer

crack up! i love it
by nz bar

hey guys i am from shanghai actually that s such a good cocktail it s can make everybody health just olive
by kavin1999

Good joke, i was just thinking about doing the same thing
by Robbin Banks

what a load of [censored]. i trust this is a joke. My daughter wanted a 'dinner party' for her 2nd birthday and all you could come up with was. . . . an olive. she doesnt even LIKE olives. do better or i will be sincerely disappointed. GOOD DAY!
by scarlet - 18

LOL!!!! Its only a olive
by Alicia Jones

is this a joke?. . .
by sally

So a dirty virgin would be. . . .
by Brian

HAHA just a olive!
by LaLa

Have I missed it somewhere? Isn't there supposed to be liquid in this drink! Only olives tells me it is missing something.
by Keith English

this is really nice. ive also tried it with olives stuffed with feta cheese yum yum !!!!
by dorothy

Ace idea! Love the wind-up factor!
by Jake

This is such a cool idea. It will come in very usefull at my cocktail party, where they will be some non drinkers. Thanks for a great way to wind them up.
by Maryanne

1/4 cup club soda1/4 cup club lime juice1 oliveCombine in a glass.
by Ingredients for Virgin martini

where's the recipe? one olive in a martini glass doesn't make a martini
by 1