Vespa Cocktail

Use a Cocktail Glass. First pour in the Gin, followed by the vodka and then the white wine. Then top with the lemon,orange and lime rind to make it look pretty. Lovely chill-out drink.

Serves: 1
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By: Jamie Keys
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Tony's right. . . WINE? This is how to do it. . . 2 parts gin1 part vodka 1 part vermouthLemon (or olive)1. Pour booze into a pint glass or cocktail shaker/flask2. Add a scoop of ice cubes3. Stir the drink with a long spoon but make sure that the ice moves as one block and stir slowly to minimise the ice melting4. Pour through a strainer into a martini glass 5. Peel a strip of lemon next to the glass so that the oil sprays over the glass6. Twist the lemon into the glass
by Ro

who ever puts white wine in a Vespa?You must be havin a laughLillet white, read the book or watch the film. Shaken not stired to make it cold
by tony