Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail

Pulp strawberries (or use pre-packaged strawberry pulp.
Chill wine glass and sugar rim.
Put a collins glass full of ice in blender.
Add 50ml amaretto, 25ml half and half, 50ml of strawberry pulp in blender. Blend

Serves: 1
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By: Siobhan Gillespie
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Just lovely to drink! What are you doing reading this? Drink up!!
by Hasan

This has got to be the best cocktail i have ever had it went down a treat and i felt very merry after one glass ,you got to try this one.
by jo brown

Tried this, but substituted the ice and cream for a local homemade ice cream (Colpi's)and creme de fraise, more alchohol! as Karen states it's far too easy to drink but we reckon sickly enough to make two you limit.
by Les

very nice drink tastes just like strawberry milkshake very tempting to have one two many and not realise it has alchol in it
by karen