Slippery Nipple Cocktail

Pour Sambuca into cocktail glass. Float Bailey's on top. Add drop of grenadine to centre

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I was just in Mexico and with these ingredients they use for a shooter called Donkey Semen. They use 2 parts sambuca, one part baileys and then mix a little bit of baileys with a bit of grenadine and slowly trickle it into the middle of the shot and it drips into the sambuca . . really looks like semen. . lol
by Tammy

On a shooter gls. pour the sambuca, then drop of grenadine on the center, then float the Bailey's. . the grenadine creates the nipple on the middle of the drink!!
by Alvin Cooldude

A slippery Nipple is 1/2 Sambuca & 1/2 Baileys (float the Baileys on the Sambuca). An Abortion is 2/5 Sambuca, 2/5 Baileys & 1/5 Grenadine (made the same way as above but the Grendaine drizzled in the middle of the drink, which curdles in the Baileys and creates a "lump" when you drink it"
by Tom Booze

Our local does this without the grenadine, it's to die for!!
by Olly and M