Singapore Sling Cocktail

Shake all the ingredients (except the soda water) with cracked ice. Strain and pour into a tumbler. Top up with soda water.

Serves: 1
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The Raffles version (with the grenadine etc) may be the original, but it's far too busy and significantly sweeter. This simpler version is just as recognised and, to my mind, far more pleasant!
by Alex

This recepie is all wrong, it leaves out benedictine, grenadine, its not soda, its pineapple juce, and cointreau. . . and bitters!
by Krivc

omg this drink is the best drink iv ever had i had it in cyprus an since then i cnt stop drinking it its fabulous a must have
by linzi

Rather than using Soda use ginger beer, this is how its done at raffles in singapore where the drink was supposedly created. Hope you enjoy!!
by Chris

Great drink. These are the best ingrediants, but a little float of benidictine finishes it off nice. and should always be garnished with a sprig of mint.
by simon warner

The ideal way to make a syngapore sling:1/2 gin1/2 cherry liquer1/2 grenedene4 drops angostura bitter1/2 lime juicetop of with soda
by eking123

Try 1 pt Gin, 2 Pt Sweet and Sour, Fill with Soda, Float Grenadine. . . . . top with a Cherry and Lime. . . . . mmmmmmmmmmm good
by J

this is a fantastic drink ideal for drinking with friends and chilling out try it with sprit instead of soda adds a little sweetness, i was introduced to it by friends now nothing beats it
by kb/db/nk/rk