Sanja Cocktail

Take a Collins (Normal, Tall)glass, fill it with Ice, pour Cranberry Juice half Way through;
Take a shaker pour in a shot of Green Apple Vodka (Wyborowa prefered), Archers (Peach Schnapps) & Grapefruit juice.
Shake, and pour into the glass with the Cranberry J. *make sure you pour it in
slowly on an ice cube so it wont go straight to the bottom and mix the drink,
make it gradient. Finish it off by garnishing it with a red red Strawberry.

Serves: 1
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By: William McRae
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Now this is one of the best cocktails i've ever tasted. Its fruity, refreshing and colourful, but only if you succeed in making it. Two thumbs up.
by George McFly