San francisco Cocktail

Take a tall glass and put in a few ice cubes, fill the vodka over it and fill with juice then the "creme", to end fill in the grenadine but very carefully at the side of the glass so it will lay down in the bottom. garnish with orange and strawberry.

Serves: 1
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I had this drink out in paphos as well and it's is a really nice drink and you can't get enough of it, taste's amazingly GREAT!
by James

This drink rocks!!! doesn't taste like alcohol. . . gets you drunk but doesn't give you a hangover. . . . awesome!! i first tried it in Paphos Cyprus and it is my drink now!!
by Claudia

I tried this drink first in Spain. I just asked for something pink and sweet and this is what I got. . . . Pink and very sweet would be a good way to describe it.
by angela